10 Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos for Curly Hair!

Most women with curly heads are aware of the fact that sulfates are bad for their hair. No matter whether they have got beautiful tresses or not, they keep themselves away from those harsh foaming agents. They know that although those cleansing agents are great at removing impurities from hair, but they are extremely drying to their tresses.

So, if are also blessed with curls or have curly locks by choice, it’s time to put down your traditional shampoos and switch to sulfate-free options. Given below are some of the best sulfate free shampoos for curly hair available in the market today. If you have dried out, frizzy or unmanageable curls, try these shampoos as they all are perfect for you:

  • Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo: This lightweight curl definer not only eliminates frizz, but also keep curls in their best shape. Its orange creamsicle scent is something that is sure to make you memorize those childhood ice cream trucks. An SLS free shampoo that’s absolutely perfect for everyday use!
  • AG Curl Recoil: This curl care shampoo is another great chemical-free formula for curly heads to rely on. Being gentle in nature, this shampoo keeps curly tresses hydrated and free from frizz. The shampoo also contains protein that strengthens hair strands and gives them the desired volume.
  • Khadi Natural Walnut Shampoo: Possessing walnut extracts, this sulfate free shampoo is great to make curly tresses silky, healthy and lustrous. Something that’s great for refreshing your curls on a hot, summery day, after leaving a pool or after intense workout!
  • Curl Junkie Gentle Cleansing Shampoo: Formulated with green tea and chamomile extracts, this gentle formula will moisturize your curls and make them shiny to the core.
  • Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi Shampoo: This lightly scented shampoo removes all impurities and buildup from hair without the use of harsh cleansing agents. It also nourishes the hair and scalp and balances their moisture levels.
  • Design Essentials Natural Curl Cleanser Shampoo: Infused with high quality ingredients such as arnica, rose hip and soybean, this curl cleanser is perfect to add moisture, shine and softness to your locks.
  • Khadi Natural Soya Protein Shampoo: If you have dry or damaged curls, this hair cleanser is a must-have for you. Containing natural proteins, this antiseptic formula will keep your tresses nourished, smooth and radiant.
  • Kinky-Curly Come Clean: The exclusive blend of Mandarin Orange extract in this shampoo gently cleanses hair and scalp of buildup, while the Sea Kelp in the formula maintains proper moisture balance.
  • Curls Unleashed Sulfate-Free Shampoo: Have an ultimate shampooing experience with this lavish lathering SLS-free shampoo. Its rosemary and lemon balm are perfect to cleanse, moisturize, detangle and manage all types of curls –natural, by choice, color-treated etc.
  • Catwalk Curlesque Defining Shampoo: This shampoo ideally preps curls for optimal styling. The marine botanicals of sea fennel and seaweed smooth the hair cuticle and eliminate frizz, while its cucumber water defines and moisturizes hair. Perfect for all curly heads out there!