5 Simple Tips to Choose Designer Bathroom Lights

Bathroom lights are the ones that change you from the sleeping to awaken mode. But this is possible only when you have right lighting fixtures in your bathroom. Dim or dull lights can make you feel sleepier and can give your day a slow start. Further, these lights are not just to enlighten the area, but also to provide ample light to help you in daily grooming rituals.


The problem is that most of the homeowners neglect bathroom light, considering it the less important or hidden part of the home. Like any other part of the home, lighting is the soul of the area. These can make or break a space; bathrooms as well. The experienced interior designers say that bathrooms and magnificent lighting go hand in hand.

Let us make it easier for you to find bathroom lighting accessories that can spruce up the area. Check five easy tips to choose modern lights.

  1. Analyze the size of your bathroom

The lighting system in the bathroom should be as per its size. So before stepping out to buy the lighting fixtures for the bathroom, analyze the size and requirements accordingly. By searching online, you can find a number of formulas and techniques to determine the amount of light required in a room.

  1. Light Layering

Perfect lighting in a room is the result of different light sources, which balance the room by controlling shadows and adding dimension. To maximize the beauty and functionality of your bathroom, you can use light layering.

  1. Model lighting after daylight

The best time to model the lighting of your bathroom is after daylight, as nothing can beat the beauty of natural light. The daylight is the best lighting option to see the true color of your outfit, face, clothes, and makeup. One of the techniques to create the more natural look in your bathroom is to pick lighting fixtures in white shades like frost, clear or any other. The easiest way to find more options is to buy lighting for bathroom online.

  1. Find a focus area

The bathroom is a space, where you spend the time to relax and to get ready. So, it should have some area with more focus. Ceiling lighting overhead for general illumination is the first preference. When looking for the lighting fixtures for vanity area, search for beautiful task lights that you can install above the mirror.

  1. Night lighting

Since the bathroom can be used at any time, it’s critical to provide light for every time. If you need to use it at midnight, there should be special night lighting that is just for the safety purpose. At night our eyes are adjusted to the darkness, and switching on the overhead light will be blinding. For night lighting, a 5 watt LED bulb is enough for safety maneuver.

Different light types for bathroom:

Now when you are aware of the tips to pick modern lights, here are some lighting options to make the selection easier for you. Major bathroom lights available online in India are:

  • Classy chandeliers for elegant look
  • Mirror or pendant lights to add instant style
  • Ceiling lights for a well-lit bathroom

Hope the tips help you choose the best bathroom lights for your home to give it a modern and classy look. Whether you buy bathroom lighting online or from the physical store, just make sure you follow the tips given in the blog to get maximum value for your money invested in the lights.