An overview on wooden floor polishing In Sydney

wooden floor polishing in Sydney

timber floor sanding and polishing Sydney

If you have installed a wooden floor in your house, then wooden floor polishing in Sydney is of vital importance to maintain the beauty of the floor. Not only does it improve the look and shine of the floor but also adds to the life time of the floor. Applying polish on the floor helps to restore its protective and more important bring out the true color and shine of the floor. You can hire professionals to do the job or if you have a little experience you can do it yourself.

Although people think that polishing and refinishing are one and the same things. But the truth is that there is a huge difference between polishing and refinishing a wooden floor. When you refinish the floor you remove the older top protective layer and re-do it from the start. Whereas, during a polish you just use the polishing products to bring out the natural beauty of the floor. These products refine the look of the floor and give the floor a sleek appearance.

wooden floor polishing in Sydney


  • After polishing the floor, you should ask the professionals to add other protective layers of Bona Polish. This would give extra protection to your floor and prevent any scratches. Moreover, this evens out the look of the floor.
  • To make sure that the polish is appropriate for your floor, test the polish on a small part of your floor and then spread it on the entire floor if it seems appropriate.
  • Don’t let anyone use the floor after a few hours of the polishing. It would give the floor some time to dry and hence ensure a smooth finish.

How often you should get your wooden floor polished?

If you clean your floor regularly and wipe it every other day, it would minimize the dirt and dust on the floor and you won’t need to get it polished as often. On the other hand, if a lot of dust accumulates on your floor for a long duration, it would dampen the beauty of the floor and you would need to get it polished more often. Typically a wooden floor needs to be maintained and polished every four to six months.

Although cleaning and polishing your floor is a quick and easy process, but it is an expensive service. It provides an extra protective layer and evens out the sheen of the floor. You can call the professionals to clear out the furniture beforehand and then start the polish.