Android Monitoring App for Employees and Relatives

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Whether you are an anxious parent, a suspicious spouse, or a cynical employer, you are in need to watch out the activities of your children, significant other and employees. All you need is a mobile phone monitoring application to set your worries to rest. You can check out what your significant ones and employees are conversing and with whom, what are their engagements and where they spend most of their time. With the use of monitoring software, parents can protect their kids from the cyber bullies, child predators, pornography, sexting and online sex crimes; spouses can expose their cheating partner with evidence, and employers can boost employee productivity and evade intentional and unintentional data breach.

How Does Android Monitoring App Work?
The cell phone spy app allow the user to supervise the activities of their loved ones and employees tracking their Android devices. Once you install the spy app on the target Android device, the information stored on the device such as call logs, photos, videos, messages, internet browsing history and almost everything is uploaded to an online account for where you can see them anytime and anywhere. In this post, we are discussing how you can monitor your close relations and employees using Android Monitoring app. Read on to know how this app facilitates parents, spouses, and employers to ensure the security of their family and business.

Monitor Messages and Calls
You can read the inward and outward text messages of your teenagers to ensure that they are not communicating with any crook. Likewise, you can listen to the incoming and outgoing calls of your target. In case you own a Calling Customer Service business, you can record each and every call and download it for further proceedings. You can acquire the name and phone number of the person who has sent messages or made a call or to whom the messages are sent or call is made.

Track Emails and Internet Browsing
Email is a widely used business communication tool and a major source of data leaks. Your employees might be intentionally or innocently sharing the confidential information of the company via Emails. The spy software enables you to ensure that not any email remains out of your sight. You can read the content of the incoming and outgoing emails and get the email address of the sender and receiver of those emails. Moreover, you can get the internet browsing history of your employees to assess how they are using the company internet.

Social Media Monitoring
Teens spend more than nine hours a day using social media, and during this time they may expose to inappropriate or adult content and persecutors. The Android spy app allows you to monitor the social media activities of your kids to ensure that they are not being targeted by any cyber bully or online predators. Moreover, you can track the instant messaging apps and dating apps including Tinder, Kik, WhatsApp, Line, and Viber.

Track GPS Location
The Android tracking app allows you to identify the whereabouts of your family and mobile workforce. As well as the current location, you can get the details about where they have been during a specific period. You can mark the safe or unsafe areas for your children to be notified when they enter any prohibited location.

Control Android Phone Remotely
As well as monitoring, you can control and operate the target Android phone from a distance. You can send a command to the device to capture photos and record a short video of the surroundings so you can keep tabs on your teen’s private parties. Moreover, you can block texting, incoming calls from unknown numbers, and uninstall unwanted apps from the target device without accessing it.

There are hundreds of other ways the Android monitoring app offers you to protect your family and business. You can take a ride to the web page of the monitoring application to have a clear insight of it.