Best Priming Tips And Guidelines For A Painter In Kellyville?


Whether it is the interior or exterior of your home sweet home, painting it is an art, a job not suitable for everyone. Yet some people prefer to paint their homes all by themselves, though they do succeed they would have to admit that in most cases the quality of their work is in no way comparable to a pro. The reason behind it is that they might miss many steps a professional painter will never even think to miss. One of such important steps is the priming procedure. Today we would guide you about the importance of priming in the life of a professional, no matter he or she is a painter in Kellyville or anywhere else.

What is the benefit of Priming

Technically priming can be defined as a preparatory step of the overall painting process. It is a sort of coating which is put on the surface where proper paint has to be applied afterwards. The most important and worth mentioning the benefit of Priming is that it adds extra protection to the surface which is going to be painted. Furthermore, it ensures adhesion, which plays an important role in the everlasting durability of paint.

Priming may seem quite unnecessary to you if you have not tried it yet, but once you try it, you will obviously find it worthwhile. No matter, whether you are going to paint a pantry or a closet, priming will be the best practice. If you hire a professional painter in Kellyville, he will definitely never miss that step but in case you do the job by yourself, read this article carefully as the tips mentioned here would make priming much easier for you.

How to Prim like a Pro?

To start priming you would, first of all, need the right set of tools and supplies. Never try to compromise on quality, always prefer the best brands and the most reliable tools available. You must have the following painting tools in your kit:

1)    Brush, pail and pail liner.

2)    Roller Tray and Liner

3)    Paint Roller and cover

4)    Drop Cloth

5)    A good quality Primer and Sanding Sponge

6)    Extension Pole and obviously a quality paint to be applied when you are done prepping.

Follow the following tips for best Primming Application:

1)    Carefully cover up the things which may be stained while painting the surrounding walls such as carpets, floor, appliances, and furniture etc.

2)    Always wipe excessive primer product off the brush on the sides of the pail.

3)    You must start with edges first, it will create a nice border around the corners of the walls as well.

4)    Always apply at least two coats of primer for everlasting results.

5)    Do not forget to lightly sand the walls after the primer is completely dried out.

6)    Wipe the wall with a soft cloth to remove excessive dust.

We are sure that by following all the above steps before painting, you would definitely get an everlasting smooth result.