Boiler Repairs in Stratford Are Necessary For the Longevity of Your Boiler


As of recently a warm home has become a necessity for some. The weather outside is getting harsher be it summers or winters. In harsh winters, a warm home and a functioning heating system is one of the top-most priorities for some. If for some reason you find your boiler heating system not working, you need to call a professional for boiler repairs in Stratford. Unlike other house appliances where one usually tries their hand at repairing and fixing, boilers are something that should not be risked because it is one of the most expensive things in a house. It is also essentially a boiler which has hot water and a raging flame so one should steer clear of trying to meddle with a boiler system.

For optimal performance, boiler repairs should be performed annually. Inevitably all electrical appliances and objects need some repairs to function properly and so is the case with boilers. If taken care of properly i.e. timely repairs and maintenance, not using it excessively can significantly prolong the life of your boiler. On average, heating systems are predicted to last for almost fifteen years and with proper care it can be stretched to up to 25 years or maybe more.

The most common problem faced by users is no water or no heat. The primary reason for this problem can be low water pressure, gas pressure or lowered thermostat level. If you think that the diaphragm, air valve or lock is broken then you will need to call a professional plumber to come out and replace the part for you. Another issue that consumers face is the dripping or leaking of water. Let us get into the science of this problem. As we know that exposure to moisture causes metal to rust and over time erode, the same happens with water boiler pipes. As compared to normal temperature water, hot water causes the metal to rust at a significantly faster rate. When the pipes have rust in them, they start eroding causing them to leak, drip and in some extreme cases burst. To keep dangerous situations at bay, problems like the ones described above should not be overlooked.

Not having your boiler serviced properly can cause a significant rise in your heating bill. Boilers are designed to work efficiently and to save energy. If it is not repaired or checked it inevitably will use more power to function. For example if your pipes are clogged which results in low gas and water pressure, the boiler will have to be turned on for a longer period of time to get the house at a comfortable cozy temperature. When a machine is used more than normal it is bound to suck up that much energy as well resulting in a rise in bills.

If your boiler is fairly new, maybe three or four years old and it starts making noises like banging, gurgling and whistling, despite being a cause for a scare there just might be some air trapped in the system. Try turning the system off and turn it back on after a minute or two and check. If you still hear noises then you might need professional service for boiler repairs in Stratford. As a safety measure you can shut the boiler off while the plumber arrives.