Check Out These Awesome Places for Your Wedding!


Weddings are most special. Be it arranged or love, marriage changes a person in a way one would not understand before tying the knot with the special person. If you are getting ready for your wedding in near future, you need to be prepared for a minute plan for the wedding. The most important thing that comes up first in the list of priorities is the venue of the wedding. And if you are from Delhi, this is a tough job for you to choose and zero in a convenient wedding venue for your wedding.

There are numerous wedding venues in Delhi which can take your breath away. Different options are there for you to opt for in your wedding. In the capital city, you can have banquet halls, farm houses, big hotels as well as party lawns for your wedding venue. Take a look at some of the ideas here. Keep reading:


  • Go for the Banquet Halls: Banquet halls stand for charm, elegance and gracefulness. You will get a lot of big budgeted banquet halls in Delhi, some of them on the outskirts of the city, bordering on the NCR zone. Banquet halls like Hotel Kohinoor Palace, The Ritz, Pearl Grand Galaxy, Grand Celebration Signature are one of the hundreds of banquet halls that are there in Delhi. Many big hotels have separate banquet halls that they provide during the wedding. You must go and talk to them in person while making a quick check-up of the place by yourself. Most of them are well-equipped and have well-maintained services with them. Choose one and let your wedding be a gala one!
  • Wedding at a Farm House: Ever thought of tying the knot in a farm house where all will be witnessing your nuptial bond fortifying. The farm house wedding is yet to be popular in our country and for that, you must add this special act of uniqueness in your wedding. There are quite a handful of farm houses that are well maintained and lavishly built. You can always opt for them. Check online, have a bit of a research for yourself and choose one beautiful farm house, nicely decorated and located in a convenient place in or around Delhi. Farm house weddings are always special because of the western mannerisms that are followed here an also, don’t forget the picturesque beauty of the farm house. Go for it, we suggest!
  • Big Hotels and Party Lawns: Mostly the high-end weddings take place in big hotels these days. Look for big hotels who are ready to serve and handle a wedding party and celebration afterwards. And for the party lawns, try the Country Club. It’s exceptionally beautiful and will win your heart the moment you see it!

    The capital city of India not only holds its charm on the historical relics that are strewn around the city, the magnanimous farm houses and banquet halls also are there in Delhi.  Be it farm house, party lawns or banquet halls Delhi is mecca of everything that is lavish and cosy. Choose one, choose wisely!