Choosing the right fireplace for your living room

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For many people, a fireplace is the beauty and the element of interest in their living room. Without a fireplace, their living room looks dull and incomplete. Therefore, no matter whether you are renovating your house or are building a new one, you should definitely call a fireplace company in London so you can have professionals install a fireplace for you.

Although finding the right fireplace company may seem easy but deciding on the fireplace is a difficult decision. Therefore, following are the things that you should keep in mind while choosing a fireplace for your living room and you will be able to choose the option that suits you and your living room the best:


  • Although the traditional fireplaces are the ones with logs and real fire, but due to the modernism people have moved on to other options. If you still want to go with a traditional way and want to install a marble fireplace, then you should have chimneys as well. Otherwise, the gases will just float around the room and will pose serious health threats. On the other hand, if there is a chimney in your house, then the gases will leave the indoors and your environment will remain cozy and healthy.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is the reason as to why you are getting the fireplace installed in the first place. Many people just like fireplaces because they look good and enhance the aesthetics of the room. If you are getting one installed for the same reason, then it is wise to choose an electric one. Other than that, you also have to think about which type of fireplace will go with the setting of the place. For example, if your house is a very traditional one, then a marble or a coal fireplace will be perfect.
  • It is a wise thing to consider how much the fireplace will cost you. For example, electric fireplaces are very healthy and easy to maintain but they shoot your electricity bills to a high level. If you are looking for a more economical option, then you can either choose a wooden one or a coal one. Electrical fireplaces are out of option for people who want to keep their bills to a minimum. If you install a gas fireplace, your gas bills will also increase but not very significantly. So, installing a gas fireplace is also a good option.

There are a few types of fireplaces that people usually go for. Every type has its own advantage and disadvantage. Here are a few of them:

  • Open grate fireplaces are probably the most aesthetically appealing ones. They are traditional, romantic and old-school. However, this fireplace comes with a lot of disadvantages. For starters, half of the fire produced goes straight up the chimney which means that you cannot expect the place to be very warm. Also, you will have to take the ash out after every use and it is not a very cost-effective option as well.
  • Another less popular option is the closed combustion fireplace. These are good for small living rooms and vintage-styled homes. They are small and are not very traditional but they still look good in a living room. The upside to getting this fireplace is that it is easier to clean and maintain on the whole.
  • You can also get electric fireplaces but they are very expensive and are not very attractive as well.