Different Kinds of Catering Equipment Available In The Market


The hospitality industry is a very big industry. It is always on the rise and services like commercial refrigeration Hobart are always in demand. Customers always want the best service for the money they are paying at any hotel or restaurant they visit. In order to satisfy the highly competing demands of the consumers, restaurants need to have the proper processes in place as well as quality equipment.

The delivery speed needs to be super-fast and consistent so in response to this need, there is a wide variety of catering equipment available. Some of the equipment available to hospitality industry is listed below.


Cutlery and crockery are the two basic items for any eatery. It is important that the restaurant invests in beautiful cutlery and durable plates, cups, and saucers so that the damage is minimized.

Most restaurants have a buffet area where they need rather large serving equipment. For this purpose, there are serving dishes and display dishes available in the market as well as chafing dishes and Bain machines.

Coffee machines and urns are high in demand around breakfast times mostly. A commercial coffee maker is a must requirement for any restaurant or café if they want to serve warm drinks throughout the day and at night time as well.

There is also the availability of devices called warmers that keep the dishes warm before they are served for example pie warmers, cup warmers, plate warmers, induction warmers and heated display cabinets. These help greatly if you want to keep your food fresh and warm so that customer experience is always ensured whenever you serve.

Commercial refrigeration in Hobart includes a variety of equipment and some of them are:

  • Beverage coolers for keeping your drinks cold when you serve it to your customers
  • Blast chillers or freezers if you want to keep ice-cream or ice or anything that needs chilling
  • Cold food bars for keeping items like pastries or brownies that need to be kept in a cool environment so that they hold their shape.
  • Chest freezers for storing meat of different kinds.
  • Cold rooms or freezer rooms if your storage requirements are huge and you need to keep your items organized. They also help you keep a proper inventory check on your products.
  • Upright freezers or display fridges to keep canned goods and drinks. You can also keep milk and yogurt in it. This is a huge convenience because all items are properly organized and customers can pick out whichever product they need.

For some cafes, there are also ice-cream display fridges, cake display fridges and pastry display fridges that are designed for the showcasing and maintaining the freshness of the good placed inside them.

For your specific restaurant, hotel or café, you need to do some research and be very precise in choosing your equipment that is suited for your day to day work and is within your budget.