Different Types of Laundry Benchtop in Sydney and Their Features

Laundry Benchtop Sydney

A thing that holds other things has to be very good. A bench top, for instance, is a surface that can keep a variant nature and amount of tools, pottery and other elements. If that surface is not good enough to keep things on top, it is not good enough to have. A bench top might look like a little part in a whole, but this part is the basic and primary especially in the laundry. Laundry benchtop in Sydney is one of the important things to consider and not just consider but install as well.

Installing a beautiful bench top in your laundry will not only provide you with enough space to place your clothes and other things but will also enhance the elegance and beauty of the area. Considering the important role a bench top has, a whole new industry of manufacturers of bench tops is growing very fast. Most of them are providing their customers with their specialised, artistic, and customised work according to their demands and requirements. There are many types of bench tops available in the market and you can choose any of them according to your requirements and needs.

Here are a few types that are available. Timber, stainless steel, marble, engineered stone, solid surface, polished concrete, laminate, granite, and porcelain bench tops are a few of those that are more common in the market. Stone bench tops stand out of all these categories because of their reliability, smooth and natural looking surfaces and ease of cleaning. Here is a brief description of these types for you to get an idea about what they offer and which one of them suits you better.

Engineered Stone:

It is the most popular choice all over Australia due to durability, strength, and aesthetics. They are made using natural stones mixed with resins. These bench tops come in a wide variety of colours and designs. It’s up to you whether you choose a solid colour or a mixed one. They offer great strength and durability, which is the main feature of this product.


When it comes to elegance, marble is one of the great materials available in the market. However, with beauty and attractiveness, it also proves to be a great burden of the pocket. Not only that, but it is also porous, and that is a big drawback of this material.

Polished Concrete:

This is also a great option as it is strong, durable, and when polished, also looks elegant. You can design this bench top according to your preference with different styles.


When it comes to the natural look, nothing can beat timber. It provides your laundry with a beautiful natural feel and not only that but it fits with any style and decoration. However, the only drawback of timber is that it is prone to damage and requires a lot of maintenance.


If you are on a tight budget and want something that is beautiful, strong, long lasting, as well as affordable, then laminate is the option for you. It provides beauty, durability, lasts for years, and does not put any burden on your pocket.

Make your laundry classy and stylish with the high-quality laundry benchtop in Sydney and rule your world. There are many companies that are offering installation services. You can hire any of them to serve you in this regard but make sure that the one you hire is reliable and experienced. Checking out the online reviews of their previous clients can help you a lot in making your decision.