Essentials of stretching exercises

Many people think that only hardcore gym exercises can help you get in shape and make your body healthy. However, this is not entirely true because a lot of stretching exercises provide numerous benefits for your mind and body. Other than increasing your range of motion and improving flexibility in your body, these exercises can help you improve your athletic performance and decrease the risk of injury during the sports. To understand why you should sign up for stretching exercises, please read these tips:

Stretching exercises


In the recent years, huge developments have been made in the industry of health and fitness and research shows that stretching before and after the workout increases the blood flow in your muscles and helps them in performing better. After the workout, stretching reduces the muscle soreness and makes your muscles relax.

Stretching essentials:

Although stretching is good for your physical health, it relaxes your mind as well. Before you start the stretching exercises, make sure that each exercise you perform should be executed safely and effectively. Make sure that the proper and authentic technique is used because if your posture and technique isn’t correct, it would end up doing more harm than good. Here are a few tips that you can follow if you want to perform safer exercises:

  • Don’t think of stretching as warm up. Before stretching you need proper blood flow in your body which can be achieved by light walking or jogging. You can do this for around 10 minutes and you would be good for stretching exercises. If you have a choice of stretching before and after workout, you should definitely choose stretching after workout because that would be the time when your muscles are sore and blood is gushing through them.
  • Studies show that if you are getting ready to perform a high intensity exercise then you should avoid stretching before that. This way, you would reach your true potential because stretching before a high cardio exercise can decrease your chances of performing at your best. It would weaken your hamstrings and you would get tired early.
  • While stretching your focus should be on the muscle groups that work the most during the exercises. These big muscles are mostly in need of stretching. These include the calves, thighs, hips, lower back, and neck and shoulder muscles. Also, make sure that you have stretched both sides of muscles. The shoulder, arm and knee joints are the ones you commonly use so make sure to stretch them as well.
  • Stretching should be calm and peaceful so as it stabilizes your heart rate and bring it down after a strenuous exercise. Therefore, avoid jumping and bouncing movements because it would damage your muscles instead of stretching it and cause muscle adhesions and tightness.
  • Whenever you are stretching a muscle you should be able to hold your stretch for more than 30 seconds to get the full effect. However, you shouldn’t hold it for more than 60 seconds.
  • The purpose of stretching is to get you relaxed. If stretching is causing you pain, then it means that you are not doing it right and you need to stop immediately. Back off to the point where you are not feeling any pain and hold the stretch there.
  • If you are exercising your legs then make sure that your stretching is focusing on legs too. This way it would be helpful for your sport and eventually your performance would be improved. Also, make sure that you perform this stretching routine at least 2 to 3 times a week.