Flight Vocabulary For The Beginners

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Hello friends! We hope you all are well and busy in your life-routine. Some are seeking jobs, most of them doing work in offices, mostly are entrepreneur and some of them going on tours and minority going to finding something new like adventure. Among them may be some people travel first time in flight. We don’t suggest you any specific place because you can go anywhere which you like to traveler, but we observed mostly first time travelers prefer to reserve tickets Lahore To New-York Flights. This is the most tourist place.

Fear In beginners:

Newly passengers get nervous and confuse because they don’t have any know how about traveling etiquettes on air-port and even during flight. They sit in plane like a deaf & dumb and if they have any problem, so never ask from cabin crew due to high stung. But it’s not good whether you are a beginner traveler.

Pakistan’s first online travel company which provide online ticket reservation in Pakistan, bring a solution to get rid your fearful condition in the flight. Because we always try that our passenger fell free and relax during flight. When you travel confidentially then you enjoy journey and learn many more from your tour. We publish the list of air-travel vocabulary for your convenience, from which you learn and speak or ask during flights rather than sit like a dull.

Vocabulary List:

We will use some important words which every passenger should learn and they need to speak in flight with flight staff.

Business Class & Economy Class:

Both are types of plane, Business class is more comfortable and luxurious as compare to economy class. Economy class tickets are cheaper from Business class while the business class flights provide best services.

Baggage / Luggage:

The suitcases and accessories which you bring with you in the form of bags they called in the term of air travel services are baggage and luggage.

Excess Baggage:

If you carry more baggage from the limitation then you have to pay more money for that excess material.

Hand Carry:

Small size bags that you can carry with you in plane, except those which are in plane’s hold.

Immigration Office:

The government assigns office which is responsible to check that passenger’s passport is valid or not.


Clearances pass which is given by airlines after satisfaction of documents.

Long Haul Journey:

Its mean that your journey is too long, if you travel international destinations, it covers thousand miles distance.

Stop-Over & Transit:

In connected and long haul journey planes take rest on different airport before arrives its pointed destination.

Connected Or Direct Flight:

Both have fine difference, like connected flight take more time to reach its original destination, receives stop-over but with less price of air tickets. On other hand direct flight reach faster on its destination and its price is high.

Cabin Crew:

The staff of plane, that present in flight during journey.

Stewards & Air-Hostess:

Male hostess or staff called steward who guides the passengers.


The plain area where the flights are landed and take off, it’s known as Runway.


Aisle is the empty small spot between the air-craft’s seats for the walking.

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