How to protect your homes from Concrete Cancer ?

When you are about to renovate of are going to build a new home or any commercial building, the making of floors takes you’re a lot of attention. A floor must be reliable and should have the ability to remain solid for a long time. The floor must need to be stylish and also should have maximum holding power. The material and quality of the floor should be efficient.

To protect your home from concrete cancer, polished your Concrete Floors in Sydney or any were. That don’t just look great but also provide an elegant and classy look. Moreover, they also meet with a wide range of benefits that makes them as being beyond other options of flooring. Concrete was seen as an only flooring option for many years however it has come into vogue in the shops as well as homes recently. It happens due to the stylish effects and looks which can be created and also in part to the many benefits that a polished concrete has over other flooring options. Polished concrete is a great choice if you are interested in low maintenance floor covering. This concrete floor is hard-wearing, and once it’s installed just needs a little care other than mopping. The cleaning process of polished concrete floors is quite an easy task. You do not need to rely on the use of harsh chemical cleaners now. The dirt and dust don’t stick to the floor like it does with carpets usually.


Furthermore, the concrete is much hardy than others like floorboards. It is less likely to stain from any sort of spills owing to its waterproof surface. The floors made by polished concrete are far reliable and easy to handle than other modern floors. The best and the easiest way to clean these floors is the use of vacuum that has been fitted with a head which is suitable for all type of floorboards. Moreover, you can also mop it using soap and warm water, but if you are using detergent then you should use it on less quantity and should be light. Those who have allergies or asthma will fall in love living with the polished concrete floor because the dust is easy to remove with a vacuum. It will give a less irritation to those who are facing respiratory problems. Concrete is made up natural elements. Now you don’t need to knock down a rainforest to make a great look of floors. Polished concrete is also energy-efficient eventually.


Some of the people won’t consider a concrete floor in their homes because of the fear of it being too cold, this opposite is actually correct. The concrete floor absorbs moisture from the ground to keep it cool during summer season. On the other hand in winters, it becomes retains the warmth of the sun and becomes drier. There are also some providers that are dealing with Epoxy Flooring in Sydney. Epoxy floors are one of the most commonly used flooring choices for this niche. This option revolves around the facts that the flooring requires minimum maintenance and is highly durable. Hence, the most reliable flooring option for both industries and residential buildings. The coatings of these floors are usually applied over concrete floors that provide better binding results and attractive surfaces.

Further, the three main types of epoxy are 100% solid epoxy, water based, and solvent based epoxies. 100% solids epoxy is a better option as it performs the best among the other two. Solvent and water based epoxies are although user-friendly, but these epoxies can’t be applied as a thick coating and are not durable like solid epoxy. The 100% solid epoxies are able to meet all the requirements that are to be completed while designing an industrial or residential floor. It also offers excellent chemical resistance, toughness, and adhesion.

Further, these epoxy floors generally are waterproof, heat resistant, resistant to the action of corrosives like alkalis and acids, and abrasion resistant. They are also non-toxic, hence they are safer.