How to organize and represent your artwork on a wall


Choosing good picture hanging systems or hanging artwork is considered to be an art form because of the amount of time and skill it takes to choose a good picture hanging system and then placing it on the perfect spot on the wall. Although some artists think that it is not the picture hanging that is art, but how the artwork or painting is stretched on a canvas.

It is also true that if you give a number of people different paintings to hang in the same space, then you would be surprised by the difference of how the hanging is done because each person has their own flair to add to their service. Thus, if you appreciate fine art and are unable to add an aesthetic appeal to the picture then picture hanging systems may be considered a skill.

Do not worry, like any other skill, you can learn this too. With the right equipment and the methodology, you will become a picture hanging expert in no time at all. You can create a lasting impression on all those who have the opportunity to gaze at your paintings. Before you can master this skill, there are a few things you need to know first:

  • Curating

This is indeed a talent that takes time to learn. Curating means how you are going to group and place your pictures on the wall to create a million dollar impression. When you see art collections put up on display at a museum or featured in a magazine, you would assume that these pictures are just randomly put into that order. The truth is quite the opposite. The paintings are first gathered and then a lot of thought and organization is done to put them into the order you see them in.

  • Grouping

Grouping will decide how which part of the wall will be covered by which picture. Before you decide on a grouping technique, you need to ask a few questions first:

  • Is the grouping going to be done based on the color? If yes then are you grouping them based on the color of the pictures or the frames?


  • Are you grouping them according to their shape? If yes then how well are the shapes going together? Are they going to form some kind of a bigger shape to make a design on the wall? Also, consider what shape your frames are. Are they round? Square? Rectangular?


  • Maybe you want to classify them based on content like portraits, landscapes, abstracts or photographs.


  • Placement

After grouping is done, it is important to consider the height at which the pictures are going to hang. People often make mistakes in this step and do not decide good placement for specific artwork. Normally, it is said that the picture should be placed just above eye level. The problem that arises from there is that not everyone’s eye level is the same. Plus, if you have a collection of paintings, then all of them will not be at eye level because some will be higher and some will be lower.

A solution to this would be to place your masterpiece in the center just above eye level and the other pictures can just radiate out from there.

  • Hanging

Once you have decided the placement of the art, consider a hanging methodology which will be the presentation of the entire collection. People normally go for picture rail hangers because they are easy to fit, concealable and give the whole thing a neat look. A simple nail on the wall technique is good for one or two pictures.