How to treat your tenant and effectively interact with them


Every property owner should know that there are general and sometimes specific liability risks when you are renting out your property. A tailored plan for landlord insurance in Sydney will cover the losses and damages suffered by the tenants or their friends and family. However, there is more to protecting your best interest as a property owner than simply acquiring house coverage in case of damages. This article will outline what you need to know about forming good relations with your tenants and how to interact with them effectively.


Property owners need to be proactive right from the beginning and should do extensive research well before the lease signing. When a potential tenant approaches you, make sure that you do an extensive background check on them and pay close attention to their credit history. You can even ask them for references from a property owner from whom they have rented a property before. Do not take their word for it when they give you a number to call because it could be their friend or someone close who could be simply lying to you.

You can check these things by paying attention to the nature of answers provided by the contacts. When you come across a genuine reference, ask them about the reputation of the client, does the tenant have a history of late payments? Did they maintain and clean the property on a regular basis? What kind of people do they have as visitors? All of these questions are important because they will help you decide if the tenant has the ability to take care of your property or not.

The lease agreement

When you are about to rent out a property to a tenant, make sure that you modify the lease agreement according to your wishes. You can achieve this by altering some terms on a rental agreement. Once you have completed the document, take it to a lawyer and have them look over it to check for any errors and mistakes before you present it to your tenant for signing. You can even include some clauses on landlord insurance in Sydney which will tell how the damages will be covered.

Set a fixed time as to when they can meet you

You have to give your tenant a specific list of hours when they can reach you for any query or favor. If they have an emergency, let them contact you at any time of the day so that you can tend to them.


Before the tenant moves in, call a service for property inspection and make sure the tenant is there too. They can take note of the exact condition of the property before they sign on it. This will also be beneficial to you because you will know if the tenant damaged the property in any way. You can deduct the damages from their security deposit at the end of the lease.

Fair and respectful conduct

It is your job, as the property owner, to make the tenant feels comfortable and if they have any complaints, help them. If there are disputes, try to resolve them in between yourselves before going to the courts.