Important Considerations for GRE Coaching


The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test that is a prerequisite for getting admission into most graduate schools in the United States of America . The exam helps students get into Masters and PhD programs in various streams like- sciences, arts and business. Some graduate schools outside the US, such as in other high profile study abroad destinations like the United Kingdom, and Canada among others also lay down the GRE as a mandatory requirement for admission. The GRE is a computer based test and takers are scored out of a total of 340. The 340 is divided into a 130-170 mark Verbal Section and a 130-170 Quantitative Section. A writing section is also a part of the test, which is evaluated on bands ranging from 0 to 6. Students are advised to carefully identify the requirements of their desired universities, as a number of schools set a minimum requirement of scores from each section in addition to an overall score. It costs US $185 to take the test once.

Keeping all factors in mind, a student who is able to crack the GRE at the first time of asking with a highly competitive score, will be in an advantageous position. Well guided coaching, therefore, becomes imperative for the student in achieving their overseas education goals.

The most important deciding factor for a student in choosing a particular GRE coaching centre in Delhi would be the qualifications of the trainer. The trainer should be well versed in each and every aspect of the GRE. All sections of the GRE- Verbal, Quantitative, and Writing are equally important and thus it crucial to have a trainer who has adequate knowledge in all three departments.

The student’s experience at the coaching centre will also be a key deciding factor in choosing the right GRE coaching centre in Delhi. Different centres have different atmospheres i.e. the number of other students, the helpfulness of the staff, the quality of the teaching rooms, the personality and dedication levels of the trainers, all play a part.

At XL Pathfinders, we have highly educated faculty complemented with top quality training facilities, with an aim to provide the best possible GRE coaching in Delhi.