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Kudos! Your baby has arrived and now you are confronted with one of the most important decisions which is on how to breastfeed your baby. Most of the hospitals are committed to the concept of breastfeeding as it is the best milk for your baby because it contains essential nutrients which your baby needs in the first six months. With the help of your milk, the child will acquire the immunity that acts as a protective barrier against various forms of illness. Most importantly, breastfeeding increases the bond between the mother and the baby. Mothers who breastfeed their babies develop a sense of closeness to their babies and vice versa.

But the process of breastfeeding is not easy as most of the mothers are not aware of how to start the process. You can rely on the services of lactation support consultants in Gurgaon who lend a helping hand and help them to overcome this situation. Once the process is thorough, the mothers have a smile on their face and feel that it was a situation where they did not have to press the panic button.

The benefits for the baby.

Provides complete nutrition for the baby as it contains all the essential nutrients which the baby needs in the first 4 to 6 months. The chances of infection are also reduced as colostrum, the early milk produced after the birth of the baby, is embedded with antibiotics. They help the body to fight against any form of infections and breastfed babies are also prone to allergies or infections. A sense of security along with comfort is provided to the baby from the breast.


You are encouraged to allow your baby to finish his feed, from the first breast and let them detach themselves. You can refrain from letting the baby feed actively, by removing the baby from the chest. Finishing the feed from each breast of the baby is beneficial for the baby because of the high calorie content. Then offer the second breast to the baby and alternate between the two breasts.

During the course of feeding you will feel your baby sucking and swallowing. As long as the baby is healthy and gaining weight things are in the right direction. You can seek the expert advice of a lactation consultant in Gurgaon as most of the hospitals have them on board on course of delivery. Before you are planning to have a delivery, do check the fact that the hospital does have the service of a lactation consultant.

In case if you are not able to breastfeed the baby or if the baby is unable to do so because of any reason, you can still provide breast milk to your baby once you began to express your breast milk as soon as possible. It also gets rid of the blocked ducts. If the breast is engorged, expressing some form of milk, may help to eradicate the discomfort, and then the baby will be able to latch on to it properly.

If you are planning to express your breast milk, see to it that all the instruments are sterilized. In the hospital, it is done with the help of disposable pump kits and you would need to purchase your own breast pump before you are planning to go home.