Lash Extensions in Castle Hill, Your Go To Look From Now On!


Lash extensions. Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay. It would be safe to say that most popular trends of the past 2 years have been bodysuits, brought forth in style by the Kardashian clan and the next in line would be long, thick and luscious eyelashes. With many places providing this service, you can easily find a salon which provides lash extensions in Castle Hill.

One can perhaps credit the lash trend to the Kardashians since Kim Kardashian’s iconic smokey eye with thick lashes is widely popular or perhaps the access, faux mink lashes brought to the public that took the beauty and real world by storm and for good. Tune into any makeup channel on YouTube, fake lashes are immensely popular with every single MUA. No look by James Charles, Jeffree Star or Huda Beauty is complete without the addition of fake lashes. Now while the make-up gurus may not go for lash extensions, perhaps because of the versatility required for their line of work, the mass public cannot seem to tone down its use for this service.

People who use lash extensions, chalk up their passion for it to confidence boost, time efficiency and love for make-up. Since the procedure is usually expensive, women opt for it say that it makes their life hassle free and just easy to put it lightly. A working woman who had a lash extension job done said that she does not have to waste time applying incorrect mascara every morning now. She said that she feels confident without wearing one and doesn’t feel the need to use a liner even, hence saving more time. Another said that she loves the “drama” long lashes provide to her daily eye makeup looks, which she otherwise found lacking in some way. Because it is hard for some women to apply flawless, clump-free mascara, lash extensions are a hit with them.

The materials used in the manufacturing of faux lashes vary from faux mink, silk, animal to human hair. The strands are clumped in various styles made for different looks. The sizes come from 6mm to 16mm and everything in between. You can get anything in between or trim them too, as per your requirement.  The width of the lash comes in a variety too and so does the curl and the colour.

Some of the benefits that you may be privy to when you get lash extensions are:

  • Saving up on time:
    By simple putting little to no mascara and a light speck of liner, you are good to go and take on the world!
  • A more natural look:
    Since lash extensions are predominantly made to match the texture of the human eyelash, it is hard for the untrained eye to point out the difference. Most won’t even know you’re using fake ones except for the keenly observing ones.
  • Waterproof:
    Lash extensions are waterproof and have a life of a few months if you adhere to the precautions and use them as advised. They are able to withstand water in the shower or when washing your face so you don’t need to worry about that as well as you would with fake ones.

Every person has a different way to feel beautiful and some choose to go this way. Lash extensions in Castle Hill are available for long and short term use so you might want to check them out because they do tend to work magic for the eyes.