QuickBooks shortcuts that you need to know


There are plenty of accounting software for small and large business owners to manage their business expenses, invoices, arrange customers and payroll data. The problem is that a software can’t do all those things a human can do, it has its own limitations. If you use multiple software for all your business financial needs, then you are bound to end up with unwanted results. Obviously, that will waste time and every business owner wants a multi-tasking cloud accounting software to fulfill their requirements.

QuickBooks in South Hampton is a clear choice when discussing the flexibility by which your accounting practices are made easier. This accounting software is ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses. You will love to find out that this software that is making your financial calculations much simpler, has some shortcuts in it that will make your business transactions much easier. For example, did you know that there is a way to find a related bill payment? Or the company snapshot feature?

Also, there is a shortcut for making the interface of the new QuickBooks look like the old one. This article will highlight some of these important features so that you can benefit from them the next time you use this software.

  • Customizing the icon bar

This software offers a very handy icon bar below the menu bar that consists of your most used icons or tools. You can add, remove or modify the icons as per your need. To add an icon, go to the context menu and select customize icon bar, then click Add. The next pop will show you a list of icons from which you can select the ones that you need and add the label of the icons and the descriptions that are easy for you to remember. Click Ok when done.

If you want to remove an icon, go to the customize icon bar option, select the icon that you want to remove and then click Delete. If you want to modify an icon then click the customize icon bar option and then from the list of icons, go to the icon that you want to get removed. Click the Edit option and then make the changes that you want to make and then click Ok.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

Nowadays, we are too busy with our work to use the lengthy methods for doing things. People normally want to use keyboard shortcuts that will speed up their regular activities because no one wants to take their hands off the keyboard as it slows down work process. Listed below are some keyboard shortcuts that will come in handy.

  • Ctrl-I Create invoice
  • Ctrl-E Edit transaction selected in register
  • Ctrl-F Find transaction
  • Ctrl-J Open Customer Center
  • Ctrl-M Memorize transaction or report
  • Ctrl-N New invoice, bill, check, or list item in context
  • Ctrl-Q Quick Report on transaction or list item
  • Ctrl-T Open memorized transaction list
  • Ctrl-W Write new check
  • Ctrl-A Open the Chart of Accounts
  • Export your report to excel

This software has the capacity to perform some complex functions regarding financial data but it does not yet have the power of analysis that Excel has. To make this difficulty easier, QuickBooks in South Hampton has the ability to export the reports to excel.