Reasons why your back hurts, High risk activities for back pain


Back pain can be due to various causes; it can be due to the problem in muscle, nerve or can be due to a serious issue.

Most of the time back pain is not severe and is not the symptoms of serious health condition. This type of pain doesn’t need a visit to a doctor. However, there are two categories of back pain.

The spine in the back of the human body supports the neck and body’s weight and is prone to damage and injuries. Pain in the back of the human body can be of various types, depending on the injury, severity and the brutal impact. It can be acute or chronic.

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic pain is the pain which can last for more than three months. The patient can feel it the entire time, or just during the work. Although, chronic pain can is hard to find and to trace the source. The primary causes of chronic pain are nerve damage, tissue scarring, and arthritis.

Acute pain

Acute back pain occurs suddenly and can heal after little time. The source of the pain is muscles, ligaments, joints, or discs.

You can’t tell how much acute the pain is. There is no measurement equipment to find it. You can’t even judge, how long does it last?

Low-risk causes of back pain

Lower back strain

This is one of the most common causes of lower back pain. Strain in the lower back occurs due to the overstretching or overuse of the muscles. Back pain can occur after sitting longtime of a chair or due to the poor posture. Sometimes, the lower back pain is caused by lifting heavy objects or falling from a height.

Muscle knots and strain

Knots of the muscle are sensitive areas along with connective tissues and muscles. It is unclear that the muscle knot pain is caused by injury or due to the other underlying health condition.

Mechanical idiopathic pain

This type of pain is usually due to the strain in the muscles. This can cause by over-activity or moving your body in ways you typically do not. You spend your day lifting the heavy objects, climbing stairs which is against your routing. You will wake up the next morning with back pain.

High-risk cause of back pain

High-risk reasons are the most brutal impact on the spinal cord and the upper neck area.

Broken neck

If you dive into the water and hit your head in the bottom, you may break your neck. The same procedure if you fall from height. Any extreme trauma or sudden impact to your neck can crush the bones of the neck. This breakage can happen in a road accident, car accident, etc. It is a severe injury, and in severe cases, it can lead to paralysis.

Cauda equine syndrome

These are the group of spinal nerves roots that start from the lower and of the spinal cord. Any problem in the cauda equine can cause pain in the upper buttocks, lower back with analgesia. This syndrome requires immediate medical attention.

Heart attack

When you assume the condition of a heart attack patient, you will get to know that the patient clutches his chest while sweating and talk about crushing pain in the chest. Crushing chest pain is a common symptom of a heart attack. However, women experience fewer symptoms of heart attack as compared to men.

Treatment of back pain

The first step of the back pain treatment should be nonsurgical. Usually, these strategies are aimed at correcting the misplaced or damaged nerves.

Before starting any self-care treatment, you will need to overcome the pain in the backbone area. You can buy codeine online to overcome your pain. This will help you to stretch and move your body according to the therapist.

Physical therapy or exercise

Physical therapies help you to fully operational as soon as possible. Only if you perform these exercises in the doctor’s existence, you will prevent additional injuries. They tell the patient how to move, walk or lift your feet in the right position. However, massages, diathermy, and traction may also be used for short terms.