Reclaimed Wood Flooring: an environment friendly option

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Sheffield

The hardwood floor is one of the best and most preferred flooring material that is currently being used in the market. Due to the elegant look after finishing, It gives a nice antique look to your house. Reclaimed Wood Flooring in Sheffield is gaining more popularity day by day. People are installing more and more of hardwood floor as it is easy to install and doesn’t require a lot of polishing or cement mixture to install like any other flooring material.

Types of flooring options

The floors have improved so much that you have the option of buying original wood floor from an old mill or can get new wood material to install, which comes in already polished and beveled edge to fit with other pieces easily. You also have an option to buy a laminated product which is polished and textured in a way to give you the feel and look of original hardwood. It cost way less and doesn’t require any hard labor to install. Lamination also helps you in both cleaning and maintenance of the floor, it is very durable it can withstand heavy scraping without leaving marks and it doesn’t get scratched up like a hardwood floor.

Benefits of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors nowadays come with hand scraped finish to give you a more authentic look and feel. In the hand-scraped finish, you can get a cheaper wood which is machined finish but you can also have a more original and elegant finish if you chose to get an authentic hand scrapped finish but it will cost you a lot more than any other option available in the market. The beveled edges are polished as well with the entire wood, so cleaning is quite easier than cleaning a carpet and it can withstand a lot of moisture. But you should avoid materials that scratch the wood in order to not remove the polished finish.

Different options in Harwood floor

For people who are worried about the carbon footprint have the option of going with the bamboo wood flooring. While using Reclaimed Wood Flooring in Sheffield you have the option of selecting many different types of woods like Oak, Pine, Applewood and so on but the Bamboo material gives your floor a more modern and neat look. It is very durable and saves you a ton of money in both pre-application and maintenance after the finished floor. You have an option of selecting different stains for your choice of finished look.