Revolution of Child Bedroom: Mundane to Exciting

A bedroom is place to play, study, and be with friend or being alone and away from others. And it is a place to store important items of life. Kid’s want their bedroom as a playground where they can play and make their childhood a most memorable. If you are confusing in the decoration of your kid’s bedroom check out all the tips here and enjoy more.

Think of the Theme

Browse the internet or flick through magazines to get ideas for a theme for your kid’s bedroom. For a boy’s room, you might pick a Spiderman or dinosaur theme or may be other. For girl’s room, you might want to go for a princess or fairy style room. Some of the kid’s bedroom themes are:

  • Brainy Builders
  • Naturally Grown
  • Fantasy Fairyland
  • Wild, Wild West
  • Under the Sea
  • Library in the Clouds

How Big is the Room
Consider the size of the room before planning. If you have more than one kid and the bedroom space is limited, you must need to go for a bunk bed. Bunk bed is a type of bed which offer one or more bed above one bed frame and get a very small space of bedroom. If your budget is low, then search for cheap bunk beds. Tripoli solid wood is the cheap bunk bed and comes in traditional style which is suitable for your traditional kid’s bedroom décor.

Wall Decoration
Having patterned wallpaper on each wall of the room could really make a bedroom look too crowded and chaotic. Try wall stickers to add character to your kid’s bedroom or add patterned wallpaper on one wall and not the whole walls of the bedroom. You might want to decorate the kid’s artwork on their bedroom walls. This will now only look creative, but it also give a sense of achievement and accomplishment to the kids.

Adding accessories to your kid’s room will truly bring it to life! Accessories don’t necessary to be expensive, buy simple things like mobile or ornamentals decorations. Such thing as butterfly lights and heart lights always work well in the children’s bedrooms. Add some status related to kid’s cartoon will add adventurist look to the bedroom décor. You can also make some homemade accessories, involving the kids in the project as well, which is always exciting.

Color their World

Kids are found to be fond of different and dark colors. They like their room to be colorful. Kid’s minds are naturally considered to bed the colorful mind. Color is a wonderful way to add spirited and lovely look to a child’s room, it helps lift your mood, makes life more fun and helps children express their personality too. Add different colors to the kid room wall and make their mood more pleasant and jolly. Just, don’t go for grouchy or gloomy colors, we want to loft their moods not dampen it in any way.

Room Decoration

  • Girls Bedroom:Use her activities or interest as decorations in the room. For example, if she enjoys softball, you can hang a bat on the wall. Put some wall stickers. Floral fabrics and jeweled accents add an innocent and youth feel, while still emitting amateur and grown-up style. Add some dolls toys and teddy bear into the girls bedroom is also a great option for making it more attractive and cozy.
  • Boy’s Bedroom: Sports cars and planets, tall ships and astronomy are favorite room decoration themes for boy’s bedroom designs. Frame drawings and artwork, team pictures and trophies, boys relish their victories in sports. So this is a great way to add a personal touch to boys bedroom.

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