Security Screen Door – A Perfect Solution for Enhancing the Safety and Privacy


Door is often the first line of defense when it comes to having a secure home. It is the main point of entry for invaders to tackle. So your door might become the weakest link for your property if you do not have enough security. Installing security screen doors is an effective and efficient way to protect your home from intruders and thieves. In addition to it, screen doors allow free airflow and visibility, but at the same time, they protect your home from harsh weather, bugs, and intruders/criminals. Also, these doors protect your expensive exterior door from external elements such as windblown debris and reduces the maintenance cost.

When purchasing screen doors, make sure they offer additional security features, such as mitered corners and matching keys to your front door. Also, do not forget to ask about warranty or guarantee policies. Security screen doors not only provide security, but also help you save your energy bills. During summers, you can enjoy enormous amount of natural air and light by opening the main door while keeping the screen door close. Likewise, during winter season, you can replace the screen with glass panel, this will block the cold air, keeping the room warm.

Benefits of Installing Security Screen Doors:

  • Improved Security: Increased security is the most obvious reason for installing screen doors. Top quality security screen doors come with strong frame, heavy-duty key locks, non-removable pin hinges, and stainless steel screens. These screen doors are typically expensive than any other average doors because of the protection they provide. The increased level of security enhances your peace of mind and minimizes the possibility of your property being targeted.
  • Maintain Privacy: Security screen is also used extensively because of its potential to sustain increased privacy. The structure of the net, especially the installation angle and the thickness of the mesh makes it harder for passer-byers to have a glance inside the property. However, you can enjoy the uninterrupted view outside the house. Depending on your needs, you can either increase or decrease the level of privacy using screen doors.
  • Increased Comfort: Security screen doors offer a perfect blend of elegance and offers security to an exterior door. Fresh air and natural light coming into your home, along with an extra peace of mind, obviously will comfort you and your family.
  • Keep Bugs Away: Our environment is prone to a wide variety of bugs, including mosquitoes. It’s never easy to let natural air and light into your home keeping these bugs away. However, screen door does the trick and ensures that you get the full benefit. Security screen doors usually have very small openings and this makes it impossible for bugs to get inside your house.
  • Improved air-flow and Lighting: Screen doors provide excellent protection from dust and dirt, yet allows for a great air circulation and ventilation if you leave your main door open. Moreover, these security doors let the natural light in and gives more spacious feel to your surroundings.
  • Add Value to Your Home: Security screen doors are available in different colors, styles, and designs. You can choose from wide-range of selection to match your home decor. You can either go for ready-made screen doors or make an customized order to enhance the security as well as the beauty of your home. Screen doors are worth investing as they definitely add value to your home in case you are selling your property in the future.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Screen doors are installed into door-frames. No matter whether your door-frame is made from vinyl or wood, screen doors should fit in firmly. Also, it is easy to repair screen doors when they get damaged.

All in all, choose a perfect security screen door and save on money and add to the aesthetics of your home.