Simple Steps to Hire the Right Plumber in Eastwood


A lot of people face frauds when they hire a plumber in Eastwood because they know little or nothing about hiring a plumber. Fortunately, there are a few steps that the average person can take to get the best plumbing services and avoid getting ripped off when they need work done on pipes and other fixtures. These steps involve common sense and foresight and require no real special knowledge of plumbing repair.

Get Estimates

Always get a number of estimates on non-emergency plumbing work before committing to a service or professional. Getting a number of estimates will show you what the work should cost and which professionals provide honest and realistic estimates.  It may not be possible to get estimates on all jobs because of emergency situations such as leaks or broken fixtures. On the other hand, it should always be possible to get estimates for work such as redoing a bathroom or replacing an old fixture.

Avoid Unrealistic Promises

Many people get ripped off by a dishonest plumber in Eastwood because they fall for bids or estimates that are simply unrealistic. Disreputable professionals will deliberately bid too low on jobs knowing that they will get the work. A good rule of thumb is to never accept a bid for any sort of repair, remodelling or construction work that is considerably lower than the other estimates provided. There is a good chance that the service or professional putting that bid forward is simply lying to get the job.

Ask for References

Hiring a person who knocks on your door and offers to fix your pipes or a friendly chap in the bar who claims he can do the work for less is always a short sure way to get ripped off. Even though these individuals will claim to do the work for less they will be unprofessional. In the worst case scenario, a person who hires an amateur workman could be letting a criminal into their home. The criminal could really be looking for victims to steal from rather than customers. Therefore, it’s best to ask for references before making a decision of letting an unknown person inside your home.

Use Professionals

Many people refuse to use established professionals. Instead of hiring a licensed and bonded professional with an established business in the community, they hire somebody they meet in a pub or a person going door to door looking for work. Professional plumbers do not seek business by going door to door, nor do they solicit work in the pubs. Most of the individuals looking for work this way are con artists looking for people who know little or nothing about repair work.

Demand to See Licenses and Insurance Proof

In most areas, a person doing plumbing work will be required to have a license to practice his or her trade. Customers should always demand to see this license and examine it closely. A legitimate professional will always be happy to show customers their license and insurance proofs. Professionals doing remodelling work should be bonded and insured. Always ask to see the insurance before they begin work, it will save you from extra expenditure in case of mishaps or accidents.

By considering the above guidelines you would be able to hire a dependable and professional plumber for your home or workplace.