Socializing with wine and the under counter wine cooler

Under Counter Wine Refrigerator


Wine is such a beautiful drink; many people from different nationalities have wine with their meals including lunch. The most memorable and tasty steak I ever had was in Rome Italy in 1979. That was at a not so expensive brick cobbled roadside restaurant complete with an umbrella-like in your typical photographs. A beautiful, delicious, juicy and tasty steak cooked in red wine.

Wine drinking is gaining momentum and more and more people are seeking collections of red and white wines bottles. Neil Diamond says in his song “Red wine, go to my head and help me to forget….” Once during a casual interview of the great legendary cyclist, Eddy Merckx, who is now in his mid-70’s and cycles for recreation, was asked by an interviewer that would does he like to drink and he answered with a smile “wine, the red one….”

Wine and beverage fridge makers have upped production and availability of beverage chillers following this worldwide trend of increasing wine consumption. The under counter wine cooler is usually associated with the affluent people who are generally fewer in numbers however there are different varieties available for middle class and the not so affluent as they usually live in compact homes. Placing such a chiller under the counter is a very sensible space saving measure.


A 2 or 3 zones cooler makes so much sense for people storing red as well as white wine in the same chiller. Storage temperatures for these two cousin liquors are slightly different. For instance, about 50 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit for red wine and 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit for the white wine. In coolers with such features, the duo can be stored at different temperatures. Most chillers have tinted doors as sunlight is harmful to wine. Good chillers also have a circulation of air in them so as to prevent frosting of the bottles. The wine has to be stored lying down at a slightly tilted angle. For withdrawing the bottles from the chillers, these are withdrawn in a pleasing telescope movement shelf. In 3 zone chiller beverages like beer have their racks reinforced so that the racks don’t sag when stored at full capacity. There is plenty of good cheer for wine enthusiasts from these enchanting chillers.