Take a deep breath and relax with meditation

Meditation in Lane Cove

Yogis have given us an important piece of advice for thousand of years. Your tension will melt away and all your worries will be banished. To opt for a healthy life style, meditation is an important aspect. Meditation in Lane Cove provides a variety of physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits.

Disease fighting agents are active in the people who practice meditation or yoga. With meditation, these are switched on, that protects from disorders such as high blood pressure, pain, infertility and even arthritis. Researchers call meditation “the relaxation effect” which is even more powerful than any medical drug but it has no side effects.

Let us look at the health benefits of meditation:

Increased immunity:

Meditation boosts immunity that helps to recover cancer patients. It can reduce the risk of breast cancer in people who daily practice meditation. Regular meditation strengthens the body’s ability and boost immune cells that fight against toxins, viruses, and bacteria.

Increased intelligence:

Medication improves intellectual and cognitive ability of the practitioner. This includes school performance, such as better graduation rates, higher academic achievement, and less absenteeism.

Increased fertility:

According to recent research, women can conceive easily when they are relaxed rather than stressed. Even the male sperm count can also be boosted with meditation.


Good sleep:

You will be able to get quality sleep when you are less stressed out. Taking up meditation on a regular basis is a natural remedy for chronic insomnia.

Glowing skin:

For glowing and beautiful skin, a well-balanced hormone level is necessary. Meditation helps to balance hormone levels as well as cutting down daily stress.

Alcohol and drug addiction:

Meditation helps to reduce addiction and the use of alcohol. Regular meditation can also strengthen the resolve for abstinence.

Emotional balance:

Meditation helps to free from the neurotic behaviors that are because of the existence of a traumatized ego. Although it is hard to achieve, meditation is a way to cure such neurosis and unhealthy states of emotion.


The simple difference between the meditative and the non-meditative mind is that upsetting thoughts can occur but they blossom and die. Whereas the person who doesn’t meditate the upsetting thought becomes stormy and it rages on and on.

Switch off your stress by scanning your body, focus on your breath and repeat the mantra.

Similarly like meditation, kinesiology provides a number of benefits. In Sydney Kinesiology experts are available.

Listed below are the benefits of kinesiology:

  • It helps to enhance the learning abilities.
  • It eliminates the physical, emotional and mental stress.
  • It is of great assistance while decision making.
  • It is the best aid in muscle injury.
  • It is helpful to improve sports performance.
  • It helps to overcome past trauma.

Methods used in kinesiology are listed below:

  • Relaxation work
  • Tracing meridians
  • Breath work
  • Color frequency
  • Tapping acupressure points
  • Physical releases
  • Flower essence
  • Light frequency

Keep yourself fit and healthy with meditation or kinesiology.