That’s How You Can Perform Window Cleaning Services Yourself


Oh come on? Why would someone need the luxury of window cleaning services in London? We are capable of doing things on our own. All one needs is a wet piece of cloth and a couple of minutes to get done with this. Why bother to give an ordinary house chore so much status and importance. Well lend me your eyes and mind for a couple of minutes and I tell you why.

There was a time when we use to live in caves. Dark, closed and suffocating caves, that didn’t have even a single opening for a ray of light to come in so that we, our Homo sapiens ancestors could enjoy the charm and beauty of our environment. But we are humans right! Sooner or later we got it all figured out how to make our homes, our beloved sanctuaries, full of light and hence life. After all we are very good at figuring things out. The custom of invention springs out of this very attribute. So we invented doors, ventilators and windows etc. to bring that soothing light into our lives that we were yearning for.

This is how windows are important for us. They aren’t just some unnecessary openings in our house rather they are the reason for all the light in our lives. Cleaning something that important should be given an important place in the routine chores of cleaning.

Even if one is not really into this idea of hiring professional services for window cleaning, helping himself by applying some specialized techniques to do the job is not quite difficult or expensive to do.

First of all if one wants the work of a professional without hiring one, the appropriate tools are indispensable. These cleaning, mopping and wiping tools are easily available at the home stores. Tools that one needs for the window cleaning are a squeegee/wiper, a scrubber etc. Additionally, during performing the task of cleaning buckets, towels and the glass washing liquid or chemicals etc. are also required.

The process is not so difficult but there are some important points that need to be considered while carrying out the job.

The cleaning process should go like this:

  • Making the cleaning liquid
  • Scrubbing
  • Squeegee
  • Wiping
  • Drying

Making the liquid for cleaning is the easiest stage. Mix a nut size cleaning liquid or chemical in the water. Make sure the chemical that you are using are eco-friendly and harmless to health. Dip the scrubber in the cleaning liquid. It would be better if the scrubber doesn’t have too much of chemical or soap in it as an excess of chemical can harm the window glass and more than enough soap can stain the glass. During scrubbing it is important not to leave any little corner. After gentle but thorough scrubbing you squeegee comes the next. Squeegee needs a constant and particular amount of energy and force to be applied to wipe all the foam on the glass. Make sure to clean squeegee every time when you finish wiping a part. After being done with the squeegee, it is important to clean all the excess water on the window glass

To those this looks a hard and time consuming job, they still have the option of hiring window cleaning services in London and other regions in England have so many companies working in cleaning industry that you can easily find and hire.