The different types of awnings and their benefits to homeowners


Awning or overhang is  basically a shade attached to the outer wall of a building. It can be made from many different materials which typically include canvas woven acrylic or polyester. Some awnings are also made from cotton. In addition, other awning materials include vinyl laminated polyester. The fabric is typically mounted onto aluminum, iron or steel rods. You may have seen awnings outside vegetable shops, cafes and you may have awnings covering your patio or deck.

There are many types of awnings in Sydney that are suitable for domestic or home use. The higher end type such as the sunbrella is a bit expensive. Other types of awning include the retractable patio awnings. These used to be seen only on upscale homes in posh areas. However, over the years they have become more affordable for a lot of people. In addition, these are a type of awning that is very durable. In addition, you can easily draw them in, as these are usually powered by a motor. There are also some hand cranked varieties available. Some awnings in Sydney come equipped with a motor and remotes as well as wind sensors. These awnings will retract automatically in case of a sudden storm comes and you will not have to worry about the awning being left extended. They are also great for outdoor parties and will provide shade to sliding door or French doors, keeping your home cool. Another benefit of retractable awnings is that they can increase your living space.

Window Awnings are another kind of awning available in Sydney. window awnings were quite popular in ancient Egyptian times as they kept the houses cool in the hot Egyptian climate. Australia may not be as hot as Egypt, but we do have energy bills to pay. Window awnings can help you seriously reduce your electricity bills as you do not have to use air- conditioning so often, as the awning will prevent sunlight from entering and heating up the room. A study by Professional Awning Manufacturers Association shows awnings can help you save up to fifty percent on cooling cost. The chair of the association says that a lot of people do not realise that awnings are a more eco-friendly way to stay cool. Awning and shutters in Sydney can help keep homes cool. In addition, a benefit of window awning is that these shutters can also protect your furniture from sun damage.

Another common type of Awning is the Porch Awnings which add privacy and protection. These will circle your porch and keep everything private. Porch valances are popular for their aesthetic appeal and functionality. They are quite common among coastal homeowners on the East coast. In addition, they provide good protection against weather factors such as the wind, rain and sunlight. Canvas porch rollers can also be used around windows. These are typically operated using a basic rope and pulley.

If you buy awnings online and install them yourself, you can save a lot of money. online shopping for awnings can be cumbersome, there is a lot of variety of price ranges which creates a lot of confusing on which awning is the better value for money. The warranty of the awning is the best indicator of the quality of an awning. The longer the warranty the better value for money it is. The best  one will have a warranty of typically somewhere between ten to fifteen years. However, a not so good warranty will be around five years. You may feel that you may be spending too much on awning but when it lasts for as long as the warranty or longer you will be happy. in addition you should research awnings before you decide on ordering any online or from a shop.