The responsibilities of a Divorce lawyer


Divorce lawyer in Gold Coast combines the abilities of a legal advocate, a counselor, a book keeper and a referee in the representation of the client in court. The ending of a marriage is just the one step in the whole process of duties that the lawyer has to perform. Before announcing the final verdict, the lawyer has to prepare a separation agreement, file the required court papers and attend all the necessary procedures before he/she can bring the marriage to an end.

Even after the divorce is done and all the relevant paper work is completed, there are still some things that need to be done so everything can be fully finalized. Below are some matters that need to be dealt with post-divorce.

  • Child Support

Child support is one of the biggest areas of concern that the lawyer has to deal with after the proceedings have concluded. In domestic cases, where one party is the respondent, they are hesitant to pay for child support and this can be a big challenge for the lawyer to represent his client in a way that suits their children’s interests by approaching the proper legal methods for the given situation.

Even when there is no hostility between the two parties, if the situation of either side change (loss of job or remarriage), then the child support agreement has to change accordingly. This is the responsibility of the lawyer to inform the court of the changing situation and make sure that whatever changes occurred is represented in proper documentation.

  • Visitation

This is also a very important process that a divorce lawyer has to perform. It is not as easy as it looks because the parent that is away from the children will want frequent visitation and there are some complications that arise with it. Normally, people often link visitation with child support. What happens is that the parent with the child can withhold visitation if the other parent is not paying child support. The opposition may argue that they will not pay unless proper visitation timings are set.

What makes this entire thing complicated is that visitation and child support are two different things and clients do not understand that. In the eyes of the law, whether or not child support is paid, it is not to be used an excuse to withhold visitation. Not being given good visitation hours is not an excuse to get out of paying child support.

The job of the attorney is to make sure that both the parties understand that child support and visitation are two distinct matters and cannot be mixed with each other. In the end, the court will be looking for the best interest of the children regardless of the emotional desires of the parents. The attorney has to sit with his clients and counsel them so that this process of ending a relationship can be made free of the negative aspects that come with it.

This will allow both the parents to move forward with their lives and provide a better circumstance for their child.