Some Tips To Follow For Laminate Flooring Installation

One of the good substitutes for wooden flooring is Laminate flooring. The best part is that it is easy to take care of and extremely durable. Moreover, it is a perfectly suited for areas that have higher levels of foot traffic. Compared to wooden flooring, this is inexpensive and more attractive. At the same time, laminate flooring is a combination of an inner core and its outer layer show a look of wood or eve plastic. One of the major advantages of the laminate flooring is that it gave a look of wood, marble or even granite. In addition, you can even install this flooring on top of an existing floor. You just need to make sure the floor is solid and flat. Laminate flooring has foam padding beneath which will even out the abnormalities of the floor. At the same time, it keeps the noise levels down. You must ensure that you have checked any door intrusions before installation. If you want to cover the entire floor with laminate flooring, it is important to keep the edges ¼ away from the walls. This technique is perfectly suitable for expansion and contraction. With the use of molding or trimming, the imperfections can be hidden created by the space on laminate flooring.

It is a wise decision to hire professionals, if you are planning to install the laminate flooring in Melbourne. Make sure, they have all the equipment needed for the important task. The list of equipment includes laminate, scissors, hammer, straight-hedge, measuring tape, marker, pencil, coping saw, speed square, clamps, safety goggles and circular saw. Missing anything will not guarantee a quality work. That is why, you need to check whether they have required equipment or not.

Professional laminate flooring installers try and follow methodical process to ensure a neat outcome. Before start working on your floors, they should ensure that the floor is clean and dry. It is important to determine the amount of laminate pieces needed for the task. Moreover, the experts will help you in determining the floor dimensions. In case, if one or more pieces are less than 2 inches then you should try to arrange standard size pieces. The narrow pieces are always set next to the wall. It is responsibility of experts to roll out the foam base and make it with pencil. They should use a circular saw or table saw to cut all the pieces to length. Many laminate flooring installers use coping saw or a saber saw to cut irregular edges. After settling them in right place, they ensure that the edges of laminate do not overlap.

It is very important to apply glue along its tongue after installing the first board. Now put glue on the groove of second board and then put the two pieces together. They will follow a similar procedure for the third board and then the hammer will be used to tap the block into place. With the use of a wet cloth, wipe off the excessive glue. The boards might refuse to remain glued, so it is better to use weight to weigh the boards down.


At the end, the glue needs an hour to dry. The time starts after they install all the boards. Before you and your family members attempt to walk on the new laminate flooring, make sure it is important to keep the rest glued on for at least six hours.

Like laminate flooring, one of the good choices for homes is solid timber flooring in Melbourne. Many homeowners prefer this option to add durability and strength in their floors. Aside from that the installer you choose should have extensive years of experience in flooring.