Discussing Warts and Some Important Considerations on Wart Removal


A wart is a skin growth caused by a few types of the HPV virus. The virus infects the top most layer of the skin. It enters the body in an area where the skin is broken. The virus basically stimulates rapid growth of the top most layer of skin, that forms a wart. Most warts may go away on their own within a long span of months, could be years. Warts can grow anywhere on the surface of your body, and there are different types of warts. For instance, you may have seen common warts that grow most often on the hands. Plantar warts will always grow on the soles of the feet.

Considerations Before Treating a Wart:
Wart removals in Houston are not difficult to arrange. But before you opt for a treatment you should take into account the considerations listed below.

• The scarring. Scarring is one of the most important things to think about when thinking about a potential wart treatment. Scarring due to the treatment can be permanent and as painful as the actual wart. The sole of your foot is particularly sensitive. This is an important consideration in the case of plantar warts. You should understand that scarring will change the way your skin will look. There are some treatments that reduce the likelihood of scarring. These include chemical cotri using salicylic acid. Cryotherapy and laser surgery are also two methods with a lower likelihood of scarring.

• The cost: Home treatment may be as effective as treatment by a doctor. However, home treatment takes longer and may not necessarily achieve your desired results. More economical home remedies include tape occlusion (duct tape) and non-prescription salicylic acid. Plus, you do not know the nature of your wart.

• Your pain tolerance: Quicker methods are usually more painful. These include few topical medicines such as cantharidin and cryotherapy.

• Immunity: Some people are more prone to infections than others. If you have a weak immune system due to as diabetes or some other disease, you should discuss with your doctor first. You may have to take some precautionary measures.

• Previous history with warts: If you have a history of warts that come back, you may want to discuss other treatment options thoroughly with your doctor.

• The location, type and number of warts: If a wart spans a large area, it may be better to treat it with salicylic acid than with any more painful and potentially scarring methods. If warts are located on the genitals it is highly advisable to get rid of it in a walk in clinic in Houston.

• Age: Some treatments may not be suitable for every everybody. For instance, cryotherapy is too painful, hence unsuitable for young children. Moreover, people older than the age of sixty years, who have never had warts, should get a doctor to check skin growths for cancer.

• Time required for treatment: Topical treatment is usually slower than surgical methods. Some treatment methods, such as immunotherapy applied by a health professional, require repeated office visits. In such cases, the expense and the inconvenience may be far greater than the benefits of treatment.

A walk in medical clinic in Houston can help you get rid of your warts within a couple of minutes. Before you embark on any wart removal expedition, you should go to a medical professional because sometimes warts are cancerous. Moreover, you should only try a wart removal at home if you are sure that the wart is not cancerous. A wart removal in the clinic ensures that your wart is removed safely under extremely hygienic conditions plus you get the right post- wart- removal care.