Ways to get rid of warts in Houston


For those unfortunate people who have suffered from warts, there are many techniques for warts removals in Houston. Nowadays it is quite common for people to suffer from warts under their feet and on their genital areas.

There are a number of different types of warts including plantar warts that are a viral infection and are caused by human papilloma. These warts are highly contagious and can it can take you years to get rid of.  There are many therapies that are used to treat the warts. By using a variety of hot and cold chemical therapies which also include the burning of virus from the skin, the professionals make sure that your body is free of warts. All of these therapies and treatments should be performed by medical professionals:


One of the most proven methods of removing warts is Cryotherapy. Research shows that it is the most effective way to get rid of warts. The method includes the usage of gases and liquids to achieve a low temperature which freeze the virus on the skin surface. Moreover, according to the condition of your warts, the doctors operate at different temperatures.

In the first method, a liquid at very low temperature is sprayed on the skin through an aerosol can. In the second method, even colder liquid nitrogen is applied on the skin surface. Both of these methods affect in the same way because they freeze the skin causing the lesion to blister. Extreme care is required because the treatment process can prove to be very painful for the patient. After performing the procedure, care should also be taken to make sure that there is no post-operative wound.

Laser therapy:

A lot of people visit wart removal clinics in Houston and opt for laser therapy to get rid of warts. In this therapy, a high powered laser beam is used to burn the virus using a high-energy light beam. The heat is so intense that it kills off the wart immediately. One advantage that you get out of it is that it doesn’t leave any scar tissue.

Electro surgery:

This is one of the painful procedures but is a highly effective one. In this procedure, burning hot wire is used on the skin to scoop the lesion out and cauterize the flesh. This is also considered a good option because it reduces the amount of bleeding associated with plantar warts removal. However, the procedure is performed by using the local anesthetic because it can prove to be a painful procedure. As it is regarded a surgery, proper dressing would be required and you would need post-operative care to make sure that you haven’t fallen victim to an infection.

Acid therapies:

It is not an advisable method but many people also opt for burning the wart. It is not advisable because the acids are very powerful and can prove to be dangerous if not handled with care. In the old days, people used to apply acid paste instead of a direct acid and that was somewhat better. It was left on the wart for extended periods of time, sometimes even for weeks before removal.

The patient should also know that the method would cause permanent scaring due to the harshness of the procedure. However, you can get rid of the scar later with the help of a plastic therapy or so.

Self-treatment options:

  • A lot of people opt for aloe Vera and such other natural remedies to eliminate warts. They think that if natural ingredients are used then there won’t be any side effects. However, natural treatments are very slow and there is no guarantee that you would avail any benefit from them. Here are a few natural wart removal remedies:
  • The usage of pineapples would help you greatly because pineapples contain natural acids and enzymes. If you apply the fruit directly to the wart a couple of times a day, it can prove to be quite beneficial.
  • You must know that aloe Vera contains malic acid and if you rub it against your skin, it would give you a cooling sensation. The best advice is to use fresh gel from the plant but if you can’t find fresh gel, you can always use a commercial paste.
  • Directly applying tea tree oil to your wart can also give a cooling sensation. To get the maximum results, you should use the treatment daily and mix it without another oil to get the maximum benefit.
  • Vitamin C is a good way to treat your warts. Use aspirin and grind it in a mortar. The powder should be mixed in water to form a paste and cover the wart. Repeat the process for a few days to make sure that you have gotten rid of the wart.