What Are The Common Leg Injuries? Steps You Should Keep In Mind While You Claim Compensation


Leg plays a vital role in our life. They bear the weight of our body and help us to perform the tasks. Any injury to the leg can reduce your motion and can prevent you from doing daily activities. If you are involved in an accident which occurs due to someone else’s fault and negligence, you can claim compensation.

Leg injuries are more common in industrial accidents, road accidents, and slip and trip accidents. In the UK, broken leg cases due to the accident are increasing rapidly.

Common types of leg injuries

Different type of impact on your body can effect differently. There are various injuries you can face in an accident. From a little scratch to severe fracture, every injury can be claimed. You can claim for every damage you suffer due to the accident.

  • Upper leg – The wound on the upper leg include thigh injuries. These injuries can damage your muscles and ligaments.
  • Lower leg – These injuries include leg fracture, bruises, ruptures, and calf strains.
  • Knee – Knee injury is one of the most common types of leg injury you can face in an accident. These injuries can prevent you from walking and bending your legs.
  • Ankle – Slip and trip both are the main causes of this injury. In this, the person suffers from tendon, strain, and sprain.

What to do after the accident?

After the accident, your priority should be the treatment. You need to seek the medical attention immediately. At the same time, you need to report the accident. You can also call the police to report the accident in the legal files.

If you want to make your case strong, you will need evidence. For this, you can seek the help of the colleague or any friend on which you can trust. If you are not unconscious, you can do it yourself.

Seek the medical treatment

In medical treatment, the doctor will perform some tests, to know the damage of your body. If needed, they may perform X-ray or MRI scans. These are image tests and show the result in the form of film. If any internal damage occurs to the bone or internal muscle, you can see it in these scans.

After the diagnose, the doctor will start the treatment. He may also refer to doctors of other departments according to the damage.

If your injury is severe enough, they may need surgery. In this situation, you will need months or sometimes years of bed rest to heal the wound completely. However, in other cases, the injury may recover in the months.

What shouldn’t you do after the accident?

You need to be very careful after the accident. A wrong move can damage your compensation. In some cases, the victim ruined their compensation.

Don’t call the police

If the liable party forces you to don’t call the police, you should never follow them. You need to record the accident legally. If you don’t report the accident to the police, you may ruin your claim.

Social media posting

After the accident, you shouldn’t post the snaps of accident scenes or wounds to social media. Act like its secret. Never discuss the compensation amount with others. If you do so, the solicitor court may charge you for the illegal action. They may assume that you all are doing this for the compensation claim.

Delay in medical attention

A delay in medical attention can put your life in danger. Along with that, if they delay in your treatment is due to your fault, you may also ruin your claim.

Seek the help of a solicitor

After the first aid, you should file the compensation claim. For this, you will need Personal Injury solicitor. Only a legal expert can help you to win a handsome amount. Personal injury solicitor can calculate your damage according to your injuries and economical loss.

In other words, personal injury solicitor bolton can help you to collect the evidence and can also send them legal notice for the claim. If the other party accepts your settlement option, your case will be shut within the weeks. If they don’t, then the case may take months or years to settle down.